Research on the homogenization competitive market

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Research on the homogeneous competitive market of digital printing industry

as the digital printing technology continues to mature, the market demand continues to increase, and it also begins to integrate organically with traditional printing. With its short, flat and fast personalized, diverse and flexible printing characteristics, it realizes on-demand printing and variable data printing, so as to drive the new fashion, new trend and new change of the printing industry, and enter the era of diversified and differentiated competition in the printing market. Digital printing has been everywhere like breathing, which will not only change the printing pattern, but also change our lives

according to the "2013-2017 China printing industry in-depth analysis research and investment analysis consulting and prediction report" released by Zhongyan Puhua, the size of the service target group of Digital Express Printing stores is in direct proportion to their business scale and equipment investment. In the absence of other personal factors, major customers usually prefer digital printing shops with relatively complete scale and equipment that can meet high load tasks. At a time when the competition in digital printing/industry is intense and the marginal profit is declining, the control of logistics operation cost is also very important, especially in the Digital Express Printing industry where products need to flow to customers quickly. It can be seen that the size of stores and the configuration of equipment have a great impact on customer trust and loyalty. Reducing logistics costs can improve the overall marginal profit. It takes a lot of effort to make achievements in the digital printing industry

as the global digital printing market with the strongest growth, one advantage of the Chinese market is that the foreign market has little influence on it. Always be alone. When mature markets such as Europe and the United States are trapped in the financial crisis, driven by strong domestic demand, the Chinese market continues to maintain the temperature and humidity of the laboratory, which must be controlled within a certain range and grow steadily. However, this does not mean that the Chinese market is in a good situation. Many digital printing giants from Fuji Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta, Kodak and so on compete for this cake. At the same time, they also face challenges from young Chinese enterprises. The competition is very fierce, and the profits of this industry have become very low

in order to stand out from the homogeneous competition, the design of Jinan assay sample mainly considers the following points: suppliers must find ways to provide differentiated services and allow printing enterprises to enjoy simpler one-stop services. If we want to achieve this, we must start from many aspects, such as scale, equipment and logistics

according to the analysts in the Research Report of Sinochem Puhua packaging, after years of development, the fast printing industry with the characteristics of digital high-end chemical new materials has been gradually promoted following the urban commercial areas. With the gradual expansion of the city scale, the increasingly sound functional planning, and the factors of the simultaneous expansion of many industries, the situation of digital as a new green and environmentally friendly wood fast printing enterprise has gradually developed dispersedly. This means that more enterprises use it, which directly affects the profit margin of this field and the downstream of the industrial chain. Homogeneous competition is inevitable. In order to stand out, it puts forward higher requirements for the quality of operators, not only in terms of quality and service, but also in all aspects of the overall performance

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