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Research on bamboo packaging design (Part 2)

4. Thinking about bamboo packaging design through years of research and practical commercial application of bamboo, the author believes that we can try to carry out bamboo packaging design in the following ways: make the past serve the present, use the old materials and make the best use of things

4.1, ancient times serve today

bamboo has the characteristics of small shrinkage, good cleavage, high elasticity and toughness, and hollow culms, so it was widely used in the past, ranging from building houses, bridges, bamboo rafts, to weaving various production, cultural life, and sporting goods. Arts and crafts and garden decoration, etc

among the traditional bamboo products in China, many excellent products cannot be combined with modern technology due to the characteristics of handicraft processing, which leads to the situation that the use of bamboo products in daily life is shrinking and the bamboo industry is declining. The product prototype adopts 3D frame design. Therefore, make the past serve the present, that is, in modern design, optimize the design of bamboo products that were widely used in ancient times and still have good development and use value today. We can effectively transform and convey the culture and Structural Semantics of bamboo from the perspective of ideas and methods. Find a foothold from the historical tradition of bamboo products, and give it new insights through modern technology. In the process of studying the history and categories of bamboo applications, we can see from the catalogue that it has richer connotations that need us to explore, and this concept has been extended to a very wide range of fields. Therefore, bamboo packaging design is not only about packaging design itself, but also about exploring the good use and creation tradition of old samples, as well as the simple and natural lifestyle and concept of life advocated by it, "the unity of heaven and man", "imitating nature", and making full use of it in today's bamboo packaging design. The use of bamboo packaging should strengthen the ability of imitation and Optimization in design, improve and expand the traditional and commonly used forms from the design concept, pay attention to emotion and interest, make people feel the commonness between history and reality, tradition and modernity, and use our nationality to contain and sublimate the products and bamboo packaging in the shortest time, so as to form a kind of aesthetic style of inclusiveness of the Chinese nation and its own unique cultural identity

4.2, old wood and new use

strengthen the understanding of bamboo itself, fully study the excellent characteristics of bamboo applied in relevant traditional fields, remove the Wuhu and preserve the truth, and try to make the significance of bamboo packaging design even exceed the design itself through the launching jumping thinking as far as possible. Expanding the application field of bamboo will be the main way for the new use of old wood. Based on the natural characteristics of bamboo, various packaging items will be designed and made according to local conditions and talents

bamboo in traditional packaging appears in three forms: original state, simple processing and careful decoration, which not only reflects the three orientations of the traditional oriental aesthetic concept. No decoration - Taking the natural beauty of nature, decoration does not seize nature - is the beauty of gentle harmony, or natural beauty is famous in the world by virtue of artistic beauty. These three orientations are the embodiment of the coordination between man and nature in the traditional Chinese concept, It just matches the environmental protection needs of modern people. The bamboo used in the packaging design, either maintain its original state, take its bamboo strips, or carve after polishing, or directly take its knots to form a bamboo tube, or exploit its skin and then weave it into a tool, all of which give us good tips for the redesign of modern bamboo packaging

design is guided by the morphological relationship between bamboo itself and the packaged products. Formally, product elements are diffused, analyzed and studied, and comprehensively reconstructed according to their respective design ideas to find matching and matching elements. In the process of designing "old materials for new use" of bamboo packaging, we should try our best to carry out simpler design semantic processing to minimize the loss of energy. We should also try our best to simplify the structure and directly reduce the consumption of bamboo. At the same time, we should consider the continuation of display and decoration functions on the packaging and the final degradation and recycling

4.3, make the best use of everything

there are many varieties of bamboo, some grow less than one meter, some can reach 20 or 30 meters, and some are rattan plants. The vast majority of bamboo has hollow jointed stems, from which branches grow, from which leaves grow, beautiful, elegant and fresh materials. Based on the respective characteristics of different kinds of bamboo, the relevant packaging design is based on its own material characteristics, structural characteristics, size and volume size. Different bamboos and different structural parts of bamboos give full play to their functions and make the best use of everything

similarly, there are certain changes in the thickness and length of the rod, the thickness of the wall, the size and shape of the joint between the upper and lower sections of a bamboo. On the one hand, it brings us some difficulties in standardized mass production, but on the other hand, if we actively meet this challenge, it will turn the disadvantage into advantage, and also bring us the serialization of bamboo packaging design Integration and combination have opened a new way of thinking. Starting from the problems and needs, we can expand the connotation of packaging to a greater extent, and match the packaging and promotion strategies of some products, which can create new market demand, which is of great positive significance

5, conclusion

bamboo packaging design is different from general packaging design. It must first be based on the basic elements of product design. Only those who practice have a more understanding of their national cultural traditions, have a deeper study of modern aesthetics, have a full understanding of modern marketing, consumer psychology, bamboo materials and processes, and master the language and form of modern design, Only in this way can we design a bamboo packaging design that blends emotion and reason

we carry out the research and design development of bamboo packaging from the perspective of modern design, so that the relationship between man and nature returns to harmony again. With the theme of "the unity of heaven and man" and the background of ecology, we try to integrate philosophical speculation with historical culture and sustainable development. The inheritance of bamboo technology, especially the careful preparation of samples flying out and the breeding of new grinding marks due to too much pressure. The natural and metaphorical characteristics of bamboo and the simple and friendly character make bamboo packaging design have important and far-reaching significance

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