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Research on automatic cold and hot drink cans

not limited by external conditions, without the help of any heating and refrigeration equipment or materials, hot drinks can be drunk in winter, and cool and refreshing drinks can be drunk in summer. This mythical fantasy, which is almost impossible, has now become a reality. Beverage cans with automatic cooling and heating functions have gone from research to market, and their development prospects are extremely broad

1. Working principle of automatic cooling and automatic heating

this kind of automatic cold and hot cans adopts a patented technology of heat exchange system (HEU), so that the temperature of beverage cans can be automatically controlled. For example, the self freezing tank is built with HEU container, activated carbon, carbon dioxide gas, etc. There is a self freezing tank company in the United States (Chiu cann, V, f for short, ccnv). After 9 years of research and investment of tens of millions of yuan, the research was finally successful in 2002. It launched the world's first patented technology with self cooling and self heating beverage cans in terms of plastic bags for food, truly realizing the functions of automatic cooling and automatic heating of beverage cans. The working principle of self cooling tank HEU is very complex. HEU can keep the activated carbon adsorbed with carbon dioxide stable. In addition, when the internal pressure of heu2.3 product identification information is more comprehensive and detailed, carbon dioxide can be effectively released and achieve the function of heat absorption. It not only solves the problem of energy conversion between heat and cold, but also the pollution standards of melting and releasing of raw materials have reached the world's innovative level. The self cooling can is very convenient to use. As long as you press the plastic button at the bottom of the drink can, the temperature of the drink can can be reduced by 15 ℃ -20 ℃ in 3min-5min. This product of ccnn company is listed as an environmental protection product by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and has been recognized and used by NASA and the U.S. Department of defense

2. The research and development of domestic self cooling and heating beverage cans

are coincidental. China's East China food and beverage industry research institute has successfully researched and developed a new generation of automatic cold and hot beverage cans, which have been rated as recommended products by the China Association of food science and technology. According to the researchers of the Institute, this kind of beverage can is actually an integral dynamic structure made of ice and heat absorption principle. It makes the liquid reagent react with the refrigerant in the tank quickly through the button switch outside the tank, so that the cooling or heating phenomenon occurs quickly in the external inner cup, and then the temperature is transmitted to the beverage in the inner cup, so that the beverage can be reduced by 10 ℃ -15 ℃ or heated to 40 ℃ -45 ℃ within 1min-2min. In this way, you can drink hot or cold drinks in winter and summer. The inner part of this automatic cold and hot drink can is wrapped with polypropylene plastic cups, so decarburization will occur during the heating process. The cladding is made of ordinary polypropylene, and the interlayer is filled with refrigeration materials, and the finished drinks are packed in corrugated boxes

3. Packaging development space caused by self cooling and heating beverage cans

it is reported that the cost of this self cooling and heating beverage can is about 1.3 yuan. If the output is large, the cost can be reduced. The invention of this technology will trigger the whole food packaging revolution, including the packaging of beverage cans. Its application range is very broad, promising, and its significance is not trivial. At present, this technology has been applied to liquid products such as wine and coffee in the packaging of small food abroad, and it may also be developed to solid foods in the future. The consumption of beverage cans in China is 4.6 cans per capita every year, and the market potential is huge. China's packaging materials are far behind the level of developed countries. The invention of automatic cold and hot cans technology can be said to be a good start, providing a new development space for food packaging enterprises to withstand thousands of times of steam sterilization and still maintain excellent mechanical properties. This technology can also be widely used in tourism, military and sports activities

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